Brain Surgery

Dr. Samadani treats a wide range of brain tumor conditions, vascular conditions and degenerative brain conditions. She is an expert in dealing with neurological complications of cancer.

Brain Surgery

Dr. Samadani treats the following conditions.

Brain Lymphoma




Cavernous Malformation


Chiari Malformation

Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis

Brain Metastasis

Anaplastic Tumors


The conditions listed above are not an exhaustive list or an exclusive list. Even if your condition is not listed, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Samadani since she treats many types of brain conditions.

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Spine Surgery

Although back pain is common symptom of spinal conditions, not all patients with back pain will need surgery. Many conditions such as low back pain or neck pain can be treated conservatively with physical therapy, home exercises, multi-modal pain medications and sometimes epidural spinal injections. Spinal surgery can be a treatment option; if the problem persists despite conservative measures or if the patient suffers from moderate to severe neurogenic pain travelling into the extremities. More serious cases involving weakness in an arm or leg due to spinal cord or nerve root compression may be candidates for surgical intervention.

Spine Surgery

Dr. Samadani is and expert in both traditional open spine surgery and in minimally invasive surgery. Traditional spine surgery involves a larger opening along the back and through back muscles to reach the vertebrae. Minimally invasive spine surgery uses small incisions and an even smaller endoscopic camera to access the vertebrae. Minimally invasive techniques are effective for certain lumbar discectomies, and laminectomies but not for all types of spinal conditions.

Contact Dr. Samadani if you require any of the following treatments:

Spinal fusion


Artificial disc replacement




Interlaminar implant

Spinal tumors



Herniated disc

Spinal stenosis

Dr. Samadani performed one of the most extensive spinal cord tumor resections ever documented in the scientific literature.

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Second Opinion

Dr. Samadani is not just an expert neurosurgeon but is also a world renowned researcher. Her research work on traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury is well recognized in the field. We understand the uncertainty of being diagnosed with a brain or spinal condition is worrisome. Dr. Samadani can provide the needed expert second opinion on your condition to relieve you of your your worries and answer any questions you may have about your diagnosis or treatment options.

Second Opinion

Seeking expert second opinion is not about second guessing your current provider. A second opinion opens new insights into your condition and possibility of other treatment options that might not have been considered. You will gain better understanding of your condition, and all possibile treatments.

Bring your questions, concerns and apprehensions to Dr. Samadani. Explore what is possible and what we can offer you. Dr. Samadani will explain your condition and all available options. Your consultation and medical information remains fully confidential.

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Advances in telecommunications and video technologies have benefited the medical profession immensely and gave birth to the field of telemedicine. Doctors can now make house calls, at any time, without physically being there using digital tools like smart phones and tablets. Dr. Samadani is no stranger to digital innovation and has quickly adopted the technology to the benefit of her patients.


The virtual visit starts with making an appointment for a video call. When a virtual care visit is scheduled, you will receive a video call link via email or SMS (text-message) service. Dr.Samadani uses Doximity to make virtual calls. If you haven't already, please download their app for your Apple or Android device to join the call.

Telemedicine services and virtual care services are currently limited to in-state, current patients of Dr.Samadani. Patients, both new and current, who currently don't reside in the State of Minnesota, must see her in person at her clinic.

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