Virtual Care

Well, brain surgery can't be done virtually! Virtual care or digital health care or remote care is good for treating common illnesses, manage chronic conditions, or provide specialist services. However, we use virtual care to check on after an in-person visit, monitor vitals after surgery, or responding to any questions about the diagnosis and/or surgery, condition or treatment plan. Providing virtual care is another way Dr. Samadani uses digital tools such as phone and/or video calls, to communicate with her patients in real-time. This saves a trip to the clinic or hospital improves patient care and provides timely access to care, especially if the patient can't meet with Dr. Samadani in person.

COVID-19 pandemic made virtual care almost a necessity and Dr.Samadani has quickly adopted to the growing need for patients to be seen without risking COVID-19 spread.

How does it work?

A virtual visit is a video chat with Dr.Samadani using your smart phone or a computer. Instead of seeing you in-person, she will meet you via the video call while you are at home, work, or at another convenient location. The video call is secure and confidential.

Are the calls recorded?

No. None of the video chats with Dr. Samadani are recorded. All information and the call data are secure and private just as is in an in-person visit. It is a private conversation between you and Dr.Samadani.

How do I get started?

When a virtual care visit is scheduled, you will receive a video call link via email or SMS (text-message) service. Dr.Samadani uses Doximity service to make virtual calls. If you haven't already, please download their app for your Apple device or Android device to join the call.

I don't know how to do this. Can you help?

Sure. Please call our office at (763) 588-0661 for help.